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Song Shop New York is a boutique music design company that creates personalized songs for you and everyone you want to sing about. Our songs make one-of-a-kind gifts - they set every occasion to music!

Our staff of songwriters and singers have years of experience working in New York bands, orchestras and all walks of musical life. We write, record and perform the music that we like to listen to. Happily for us – we like it all!

Pick any musical genre you can think of. Each Custom Crafted Song Shop Song is made from scratch, so they are always fresh. We work together to make sure every Song Shop song is mixed, measured and brewed to be your cup of tea – whatever your musical preference might be: rock, jazz, country – we can do it all! Dance, new wave, no wave – no problem! Blues, Reggae, Broadway – Bring it on!

We know that anyone who receives a Song Shop New York Song is special, but we’ll want to know why you think so. Tell us what makes the honoree unusual, beautiful, and lovable. Lyrically, we’ll include all of the insides jokes, pet names, and pet peeves that make your relationship unique. The gifted will know that their designer song is especially from you.

You can also purchase one of our Ready to send Songs from the SSNY Record Store. Our collection of sometimes peculiar, always perfectly particular songs is ever growing. Is your brother turning 30? Did your co-worker get her appendix out? Did your best friend get 401KOed? We’ve got the get down; get-well; and get-on-with-it Songs for you!


Katy Cunningham - Songster

Drew Brady - Songster

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